So I'm Back (from outer space)!

Monday, April 04, 2016

Yes, I'm back! LOL on the outer space though that's how far I really felt from where I've been. I've been lost lately that I had forgotten to pay my hosting for 3 months. I know, that's very irresponsible of me and now I'm trying to find out how to pay my dues but I cannot seem to find it on Hostgator's customer portal. I also checked my invoice and it says that "There are no invoices to display." Could it be that my account is suspended forever?!? Oh NO! I'll be contacting customer service today to settle my account and hoping to get my website back on track.

The past 3 months have been extremely stressful. We've been financially challenged because my boss was going through a difficult time, hence salaries were delayed and all hell went loose! I decided to take on as many projects as I can to makeup for the salary that failed to come. I worked all day long and I was so stressed out chasing after deadlines. Sadly, I wasn't able to handle everything gracefully.  I was a big mess. But no matter how tough it was, we're still able to go through each day. Yes, the Lord works in marvelous and mysterious ways. Thankfully, everything seems going quite well recently and I hope that it'll be smooth sailing from here on.

My family is in a very big fight and we all need to be in this together. For now, I cannot explain what I feel but I am very afraid of what's coming in the next days, months and years. The question "Why?" never really came across me. I only asked for strength, understanding and answers even though I don't know the questions.

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