Oh my God! I missed dis! Iv bin jUSt very buZy dis paSt weekS... hehehehe BUzy daw oh! =) Dis past few days i was juZt so daMn tired and dOwn.. Gud thing is, i got mah frNds hu comforted me and was der for me. Wen i nidid sum1 to talk to. And of coRs i got PetersOn. Its rily a big help he's ther. Der r times dat he wud just get so mad @ me coz im rily stubborn sumtyms. I wont listen to wat he advises me to do. i just follow watever i fil like doin even tho it wont help me solve mah problem.. Bsta kay buhaton nako to ease me.. which is wrong..tho i know he rily is right, but den heheheh im juSt very hard headd u knw! So stubborn! =) But he alwys fix thinZ for Us.. Im juST so thnkfuL hes der.. And one thing, my mom alridy knows dat hes already hir in dvo. And its fine wid her, i can now open up to her about dat stuffs. Becoz dey wer just so strct about dat before, u know havin bfs and stuffs.. But hey! im old enuf now, and i know wat am doin'.. and now its ok wid her.. =) last wik ba un? i also had da chance to meet Petpet's Mom wen she went hiR.. Tho we alridy had takld sveral times on da fon, its still nice to meet her in person tho iv seen her several time sa piCs.. hehehehe His mom was alryt, she sims frndly namn. And we talkd for quite sumtym wid his Bro.. I was rily nervous @ 1st and ulaw ko.. But Pet2 said dili lage dsaw mg ulaw2.. So ok.. =)Di napUd au ilang coZ ng ka tok na uS even before pa.. Alot rily happend, but im still hapi knowing der r pipol hu wants da best for me and dat der care for me alot.. Im just so hapi Petpet is der.. =) And nG one yr na uS ysterday! hehehehe