i doNt knOw, i jUSt feLt sUddnLy eXciteD. LatEr iL be Out to bE wiD PetpEt. I gOt exCited SudDnLy WaaaH.. hehehehe la Lng.. Why Kaya? Ei We wEr 2geDer laSt nigHt nMAn. BsTa la Lng, XciteD lanG.. Ayt now, im jUz sitting baK n reLaxin' surfIng da iNterNet and juZt trYin to FinD anythIn fUn to Do.. La pa Nga me Ligo eH.. Hehehehe CgurO laTer na BEfore Goin oUt pRa FreSh pa! heheheheHe *siGh* i miSz maH frNds, tHo am Seein' sUm of TheM bUt i wAnt uS 2b 2geder kaMi laHat! ActuaLLy, frNDs kami lAhat iSang cLasHrUm! hehehehe Dami oe.. but of Cors i haV seVerAl hUS clOsest to meH.. I miss Yah Ol guYS!!! =0) w8 lng am tireD na eH.. Hehehehe Later nLng UnG iBa, e-testi kO nLang kaYa to mGa msg na to. wAAAh hehehehehe bReaK muNa ako.. got a call.. =)