1. Initials:

2. Name someone with the same birthday as you.
AmBot lnG... waLA kO KabLo...

3. Favorite fruit?
Grapes, Oranges, Mangang hilaw, senegwelas..

4. For or against same sex marriage?
Well, i dont rily giv a damn... juSt go foR wat maKEs U riLy haPpee.. gender doeSnt matter! :) dagHAn naMN in aNA karOn na PanaHoN...

5. Are you allergic to anything?
yeP, dust.. smell of old papers and bOoks... im actually ashmatic.. aLSo Crabs, shrimps its makes mY lips and throat itchY... :( baD kaU.. aND alSO kaNAng bulad, uyAp..

6. Are you bisexual?
Nope.. im straiGht!

7. Have you ever slept in someone elses clothes?
Yes.. Several times.. :)

9. How many of the U.S states have you lived in?
Never bin der... Mybe SumdaY i WiLL... WithMy fUtuRe FamiLy..

10. Something non-physical you hate about yourself?
libug KoG utoK... iTShard for MEh to maKE deciSionS.. im uSd kc of jUSt goin wid da fLOw... happy go luckY... im stubborn..

11. Name something physical you like about yourself?
My bOobS! hehehehe My Eyes... dey saY i hav riLy expressve eYEs anD iTs dazLing! toinKz.. maKEs GuYS feLL of der feeT... liPS.. iTS saYin kISs meH! :) i like mY hair tOo its riLy faB.. cLa Ng iNgun... hehhe

12. Something non-physical you like about yourself?
I make frNds easiLy.. deY saY i aM nice aND i belIv SO..:) i hav a gUD heaRt.. anD mY inclination to artS.. :)

13. do you have any pets?
Yep.. and i wana Hav a lot actually... im a pet lover! :) oOhhh i jUSt adore 'em.. esp dOgs anD miminGS..

14. What is your dream car?
sUmthin fancY.. i cNt pick sumthin in paRticUlar... itS hard to makE up mY mInD bOut dat...

15. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
SumwhEr Europe... I wana go to PAriS..

16. Have you ever had someone of the opposite sex sleep over?
Yes.. It waS mY 18th Bday Niño stayed ovEr @ mY place... it wAs ok wID mY daD anD mOm... HarmleSS maN to kahIt wala sa itsura! hehehe aND we kePt talking oL nYt waLA lage daW tulogay... it waS fun! :)

18. What dream car do you want your husband/wife to drive?
watever dat wiLl make hIm haPPy... :)

19.Whats the Last song (By Artist) in your music folder?
Wilson Philips "Hold On"

20. Where would you want to go on a first date?
Somewhere with water, and the Macaroni Grill..

21. Would you date the person who posted this before you?
NUh.. I dnt even kNOe dat perSOn..

22. Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally?
Yes.. i JUSt wNt saY da naME.. :) it waS rilY surprising... :)

23. Ever been kissed under fireworks?
OoH daTs veRy romantiC... But i haveNt.. Ganda saNa.. Im GOna hav dat on mY wedDing Day para MAs sPeciaL..

24. Do you like oUr president?
i dOnt giV a damn! i hate politics..

25. Have you ever bungee jumped?
NoPe... But im willing to dO dat! yea! i waNa trY xtrem SportS... pero waLA sa Akoa itsurA... hehehe

26. Have you ever white water rafted?
No, my parents have, though..

27. Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you?
Nope... iv never bin hit by anyone with anythin... iv alwaYS bIn gUD :)

28. Favourite Day Time Television Program?
Tyra aroUnd 7am.. @ etc..

29. Ever been in the slammer?

30. Are you racist?
Definitely not..

31. What song are you listening to right now?
That Wilson Philips song is in my head now,..

32. What's your favorite song at the moment?
Lately, i likeD tanging ikaw bY true faith i like its melody and the lyricS :) i alOS like sa soutjborder kad2 rewaRd.. :)

33. What was the last movie you watched on the bIg screen?
CarS... with mY babhie boO... we haD a lot of fUn! :)hehehehe naliNgaw mi dUwa..

34. Whats the Worst Film you've ever seen?
Uhhmmm... AB Beauty Ba Un? NyakS! la akO na intindihaN... actually meROn nMan... But i thought it waS a waSte of tYm... panGit..

35. Where was the last place you went besides your house?
@ da mall plage nlanG akO anDun wIth Petpet... anD SUm place cOzy.. sa ilaHa..

36. Have you ever seriously vandalized someone else's property?
Doesn't really sound like me... i dnt waNt to get into trouble... hehehe

37. Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex?
Nope... Im not ganYan! :) bad na xa...

39. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
kamot aNg nailS aNd hair... tapOS of cors sa Mate daUn..

40. What's your fav. body part on the opposite sex?
eyeS aNd nose...

41. What do you usually order from Starbucks?
Something with vanilla and caramel... But I don't drink caffienated drinks anymore...

42. Who would you want to see right now?
My tuaPoyS.. :) i mISs em sO muCH... aND mY pinSan he's in Cebu ayT now... havent sin him for yeaRS... aNd mama..

43. Last Album you Bought?
i cant fgure it Out...

44. Say something totally random about yourself.
sUm1 hateS me... & ng iiSa lng xa! coz evryBody likeS meH nmAn... sHE hates me for hU im Not, and very far of im goin to be... She dSnt even knOe hu i riLy am... evryone i knoe cudnt evn dare to saY me the worDs sHEs blabbing boUt me.. or even bhind mY bak, dey wnt evn dare to think bout dat... not @ ol coz dey knoe me anD dey knoe im not not type... anywaY, its okaY di nmn nYa ako kilala... haHaYZ..


46. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
yeaH.. :) it waS mY cLAsm8 sa collge si anthOny... saMok nLang nUon kaY Ulaw PuD oe.. hehehehe and wen i was n highsKul diN meron dIn nG saBi..

47. Favourite Classic Song?
Uhh... ewaN..

48. What Languages can you speak?
EngliSh... tagaloG... bisaya... chinese.... spanIsH :)

49. Do you have freckles?

49. Are you comfortable with your height?
Yea.. Ok lnG maN it dSnt make me feel leSs beautifuL naMn hehehe

50. Do you like someone right now?
Of cors!

51. How tall are you?

52. Ever Gotten on Stage and Sang/Played for a Crowd?
Yeah... it was a Fun xprience... yoko na Nun.. :)

53. Ever Deliberately Slaughtered Your Family in 'The Sims'?

55. Have you ever ridden in a limo?

56. Has anyone you were really close to you passed away?
Yes.. mY granDpa... i love him so mUch...

57. Do you watch MTV?
Yes... :) i enjoy watchin.. pimp my ride, cribs, boiling point and da musiC videos...

58. What's something that really annoys you?
annoting people... hu laughs out rily loud perO dili di to kataw.anan...

59. What are some things you really like?
my fam, friends, dogs, goin out, writing, music, the beach, bhabieS...and of cors my hUbby PeterSon! :)

60. Do you like Michael Jackson?
sUm of hiS muSIcz are cool.. OK lng... dili lng ko gnHan sa iya itsura karOn... nyaKS!

62. Have you ever surfed?

63. Do you know how to pump gas?
Not rily..

64. What's the latest you have ever stayed out?
i hvent lately... aNg lasT waS? .... UHmmm.. Nye! I cant remmber nA..

65. Have you ever thought that you were honestly going to die?
YeP @ sum instances! and it was funny...

66. Were you ever been rushed by an ambulance into the emergency room?
Wala pa namN... waG namN din!

67. Have you ever been dared to do something you didn't want to do?

68. How many songs are in your music folder?

69. Will anyone reply to this?
I dont riLy kNOE... Pero naAy mU reaCt Gyud!