I got this from the book “Loving Each Other: The Challenge of Human Relationship”. By: Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph. D… I really had fun reading this book, it’s very encouraging… It teaches us about love and loving each other… I’ve learned about a lot about love and it did enlighten me and helped me while I go through my relationship with my family with others and with PetPet… When my relationship with him went through the rocky road… I got a lot of viewpoints from it... Now my relationship wonderful! =) we’re back on track… Praise God! =) this book is one of my favorites. In fact, i love the book! =)

Don’t think in terms of forever. Think of now and forever will take of itself.

Grow up together, constantly.

Expect to invest a great deal of time and energy in your relationships. Lasting relationships don’t just happen, they are created.

Recognize that all relationships cannot be forever. Recognize their temporary quality. But continue to act as if they are permanent.

Respect the one person’s relationships apart from you. If they are important to the one you care about, they should be important to you.

Don’t be afraid of giving you can never give too much, if you’re giving willingly.

Don’t feel as if you are required to spend your every waking hour with those you love. Move aside from time to time and allow them a separate space, too.

Never force anyone to do anything for you “in the name of love”. Love is not to be bargained for.

Don’t allow experience to harden your heart: rather use it to become more aware and sensitive.


Unknown said…
Yes it is an excellent book I read it many years aggo and took a lot away from it.