composed for my Beb.

As you hold my hand I felt the pressure of your love,
I never thought I could have too much.
Too much of this maddening gasp of emotions,
Too much of this unwavering protection
Too much of this magnificent kiss,
Too much of this sweet bliss.

How can I thank you for all of these?
You’ve shown me feelings I dint know exist.
You’ve brought me to the world of the unspoken
And it feels like my world is whole!
You formed me to what I am now,
I never knew I could be this strong.

You unlocked the deepest secrets I have
And now I know I can love this much.
Everyone knows the deepest mystery in me,
That all those time my heart was yearning for thee.

Now my heart longs no more,
Finally you’ve joined my existence.
All I know is that love is thriving so much in me,
And I could not ask for anything more.