oh my! its already september! holy coW time flies so fasT! well maybe not for others, but for me it is.. and i still havent got my fucking self a fucking jOb! might get myself a fucking baby instead! toinks! hehehehe joke lng! where the hell did that thought came from??? huh!? heheheh anyweys, iv bin really sick staying all day just @ home.. just watching tv all day, eat, play video games, and text and text my bheb! thats why im rily gaining weight this days! my god that sucks! i only got a chance to go out if i feel like going out and if im having a date! hehehe hay nakoW..

iv bin @ petpet's palce this mornin.. he was sick (not again!) and went to his place to check em out. i alwys get worried when he's sick. i hate it! i got him some medicine form mercury drugs and fOod.. :) he gotta eat alot! para same kami! hehehehe im really hoping he gets well sOon.. i love you bheb! :)