Yes again! (T_T)

Mid June we were able to get a new yaya (after long months of searching). Finally relieved, i could get enough rest. (n_n) Actually, tinaggap namin yun kasi nga we are in desperate need of having a yaya for yen2. To have someone watch over yenyen since me and hubby are both working. The one we hired was kapatid ng asawa ng pinsan ko (brother of my cousin's wife). At first we were very hesitant to hire "him". Why? Because he was gay. It's not i have something against gay people but then anak ko lalake and you know we have that fear that our son may become gay also! hahaha funny huh? but i know every parent fears that. But still we hired him and observed what he can do. Until we saw that he was okay naman. He took good care of yenyen and he was very alert in watching over him. Since yenyen has grown to be very malukit and hiper. We let him go to a Sundays School at Holy Child, so he goes to school every Sunday. One thing i observed about him that pisses me off is that he's so reklamador and sumbungera. He always complains about the people we're living with, those are the inlaws and the bayaws. But i just listened to every sumbong he tells me. He also goes home late every sunday. As in late na, he would arrive around 9-10, one thing hubby hated the most about him.

One night he was calling him mom from Mati when suddenly he said him mom's going to talk to me. So i talked with the mom, i didn't really understood everything she told me but one thing's certain, she wants Ricky home.His other mom daw (yes he has 2 moms and dont ask me why) was sick. Then the next day Ricky acted like he was really worried and everything, hindi siya cgurado kung uuwi ba siya or dito nlng. I told him that if he leaves, then he have to wait till we find someone to replace him. And he had to make sure that he'll tell us a week or two before the day he plans to leave. But then he said that he's finally decided not to go home to his mom. Instead, he'll just save the money he's suppose to pay for his fare. So yun, case closed.

July 29. I arrived from work maybe around 7:40AM. When I went in hubby and baby were both asleep. I woke up hubby cause it's almost 8 and he should have left for work already. But then he just ignored me. Around 10AM finally i was able to rest, baby finally had fallen asleep. Then hubby left for work around 11:30 mg work na lang daw siyag half day. While Ricky (the yaya) had finished the laundry and was just cleaning the house and watching tv. 12:30 yenyen woke me up, he was biting me! I was still groggy but still i have to stand up and watch yenny for a while and call Ricky. I kept on shouting his name bUt no one came in the room. I carried yenny outside and looked for Ricky, maybe he's outside somewhere. I was pissed off already cause i can't find him anywhere. I went back inside, and kept on shouting his name again and again. WEnt upstairs, no ricky. (?_?) Then I passed by where he sleeps, his bags were missing. Checked the closet, no clothes! He was gone. Left without even saying anything. Walay batasan!! He didn't even paid me respect, he could just tell me that he really wants to leave. I would let him go freely. He didn't even considered that we're the only people in the house, cause the inlaws left that day and will be coming back the next day pa. We are mad at him. I am personally. Nakausap ko sister niya, and she told me that their mother is not sick at all. It was all a lie, all drama. He even cried pa daw sabi ni siobe. Grr!! Makalagot! (ò_ô)


So. Anybody?? I need a Yaya. (@_@)


RoNald said…
Unsa qualifications? Apply unta ko sideline lang.hehehe
Anonymous said…
ang hirap talagang humanap ng yaya... i had one too, paid for her fare actually... and masyadong bata! kaya my hubby and i decided na i'll be quitting my job.
now i'm the yaya... lols!
careful in finding a yaya!
have a nice day!
Joy, musta???aw ana gyud nang life....wala na kah nag work or naga plan lang kah resigned???

Hay lisod baya maghanap yaya now kasi halos lahat nag DH nah sa ibang bansa for greener pasture daw...hahayyy sagdi lang mas ok nah ikaw mismo mag watch sa imoha baby...

muah girl..e link ko diri ha...ingats
Bojoy said…
@ronald: aw pwede na kA nald kAy wa pmay lain.Ü report na Ugma hehehe

@bonz: yup hirap nga talaga. hirap din mg tiwala kasi sa taong di m nmn kilala.. bUt anyway my inlaw are there nmn pra din mg bntay sa yaya... hirap na

@princess cinderella: nah lage aUbs. ok lng ko work mn ghpon ko. ang f. inlaw sa ga watch sa iya pro hanap ghpon mig yaya.. amBot knus.a npd ko kitA ani bagO. hahayZ..(-.-)
RoNald said…
report man jud dayon ugma. night shift lang ko na yaya joy. Ang night diff ha ayaw kalimti.heheh. ayusa ani oi.
Bojoy said…
@ronald: uu dpat krn daun kay emrgency mn! hehehe yay ngau mag night diff haha kW njUd..