Nothing is worse than wearing the wrong colors for your skin tone. No one wants to be caught with the dreaded makeup line -- that huge shift of color from your face to your neck. But just because you might not be able to rock every new color of lipstick doesn't mean that you can't be trendy and stunning. Follow these simple rules and you'll look natural,even when you're wearing a little spackle.

Fair is Fair (and Gorgeous!)

Pale skin may seem like a blank canvas, but the reality is, fair-skinned folk have more natural colors going on than any other skin tone. When hot, embarrassed or excited, a flush of pink appears in your cheeks. Always be careful with your powder and foundation -- you don't want to look like your face sat out in the sun too long, but you don't want to look like the lost Addams Family child either. Go about half a shade darker than natural color and use a light blush to play up your naturally rosy cheeks. The fun part is the lipstick: Don't let your lips get washed out, play them up! A berry shade is nice for day. And because you can pull off those blood-red lips, work this dramatic shade at night.

Perfect Balance: Between Fair and Dark Skin

Lucky you, you're pretty much free to explore here. Start with a well-matched foundation, but consider skipping the bronzer. However, if you caught a good tan on your body during the summer, adding a little shimmer to your face won't hurt -- but don't go overboard. For the natural look, you can work nudes and sheers and spectators will be none the wiser. Add some highlighting cream near your brows and watch for stares!

Dark and Lovely

Bronzer is your friend. Make your skin sparkle and play up your naturally beautiful skin. If you stick to shimmery bronzers and highlight your brows, you'll have the type of look people turn 10 shades of green with envy for. For a little bit of sex appeal, turn to gold tones, which will look hot with that little black dress. As for lips, no two people are the same. Just play up whatever color your lips are naturally. If your pucker is pinkish, go lighter. If your smacker has browny tones, try caramel for an oh-so-kissable look.