I know everyone (well if not everyone but at least majority of us are) are already excited for Christmas, and that obviously includes myself. A lot of people are able to set up their Christmas trees & hanged them with pretty and colorful decors with twinkling lights. But in our case, our Christmas tree's not set up yet. We still don't know what motif we're going to go for this year. We want to try silver and pink, purple is also cute. We still have to buy new decors for Mr. Christmas Tree, we don't want to use the old ones anymore. Anyway, I am also looking forward for our company's Christmas party, this time i will stay a little longer! Or I can even stay till the party ends. LOL What makes a party great? Well not just the food but the program as well. I hope the Admin could formulate a party idea that everyone would enjoy. They could visit Celebrations.com and check their collection of great Christmas Party Ideas, but not just for Christmas' but with other holidays or other celebrations as well. What's also great with this site is it's an interactive community for sharing party ideas, recipes, photos and videos. SO you could really get great and various ideas fro any party you are planning. Christmas Bingo would be fun! It's a party program listed in there. Everyone could play and everyone will for sure enjoy it. But it could also be fun on our homes on Christmas eve where young one's could also have fun. You can check Celebrations.com for more party ideas listed that you could materialize on your upcoming Christmas party.