a couple of months ago, hubby brought home Mr. Bantam. Who's Mr. Bantam? He's baby yenyen's pet. He's ever first pet. Well we call him Mr. Bantam cause he's a bantam chicken! I know you're familiar with those small breeds of chicken. "kung sa tao pa unano na sila! haha" And guess what, baby yenyen loved it! lol he's not even afraid to touch it. Well he's not afraid of anything, dogs, chickens, cats, he's not even afraid of the dark. Well maybe not yet! lol Anyway, one afternoon we were just at the backyard and baby was having fun with pet. he's just so fond of Mr. Bantam that he likes to struggle it! lol Yay! Yenyen's first pet is a Chicken! Kroookkkkkk! hahaha Before we we're even thinking of giving baby a rabbit to be his first pet but guess what, Mr. Bantam came first. ahehehe!Ü