Back to work again. I feel like I had a very long weekend! I was absent from work yesterday because I had an asthma attack. It seems like I'm having attacks whenever we're in my parents' place (in Mintal) when I get to watch over yenyen. I had a very tiring weekend and when I get that exhausted, nasty asthma attacks get in the night. __(_ _;) God my son is extremely active! He is always on the go, he climbs on whatever he can put his feets on, he seems so restless. And I can't keep up with his energy, that's why mommy bojoy gets asthma attacks. It's very tiring watching him specially when we're in Mintal cause he gets to run around the place, climb the stairs, run to the street, picking up the puppy, cats, even chickens! When we're just at home I get to kulong him in our room. In that way the space he plays and run around is limited. Also he loves to be loud and very, very, very noisy either yelling or playing with toys that he can bang around. I would feel helpless sometimes but then I think that's how kids are right, specially when it's a boy. *super sigh*

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