aha! I'm back. It's been quite awhile since i got the kick to start blogging again. Well blogging like this, you know like me talking to YOU. Not just always posting paid post from here to there. LOL well, how's me? well, me is okay, great, ecstatic. how about you? i hope you doing great as well. where would i start? okay, im doing great actually but of course there are some issues with my life that im still not yet comfortable with. living with my inlaws that's one. but i'm happy anyway (as long as i'm with hubby and yenny) so there's no need to make things hard for myself. i'm loving my job and i have a great boss. *salute* i think i have recovered from the depressions i've been though (for being unprepared with this new path im taking). i'm happier now and better. Baby yenyen is growing up real fast. he'll be turning two this coming June. so i'll be needing money for his birthday celebration. (any donors?? :D) He's getting really kulit and more active. I really need to keep up with his energy. Moving on, hubby and i are going to celebrate our 4th anniversary this coming may. (excited!) I'm looking forward for that day.

I really need to keep up with my updates. But anyway the important thing is i'm doing great. :) So I'll be leaving you with that thought and i'm hoping that you feel the same way as i do. I'll be posting more soon.