I just made my thoughts wander earlier and I end up with this subject. I knew a handful of people who had done this inhuman act but i still cannot judge them directly. Maybe they have their own reasons, yeah they have but still it's unacceptable, insensate, and idiotic. When I got pregnant I was totally zero percent prepared for it, i was not even a bit ready. for it. But it never did came across my mind to go for this option - abortion. The mere thought of it sends shiver through my spine. I was even guilty for just thinking about that word. And I was afraid of that, afraid of the pain, afraid of the sin and best of all afraid of Him up there. So, as awestruck and dumbfounded as I was, I decided to embrace the consequences of my act. Embraced the new responsibility that has arrived in my young life. It always makes me wonder how those women feel. Are they happy with their decision? Are they satisfied? Or are they guilty with what they've done? They had just taken away a life of an innocent angel. I wonder.... Anyway, I found this poem, I guess it answers my questions.

Remorse Is Forever

© Ebony Angel B.

I can't believe I took your life
I know now and I knew then, I had no right.
It was a selfish choice than I made.
I chose myself when your life, I could have saved.
I thought it would be easier to terminate
But i still feel the remorse 3 years to the date.
You were one of Heavens Angels that GOD lent to me.
And I took your life, could GOD forgive me.
I was lost and confused and didn't know what to do.
So I selfishly chose me, when I should have chose you.
I regret that I will never see your face.
or never comfort you with a motherly embrace.
That decision has put a strain on our marriage.
I believe what we did was the cause of our recent miscarriage.
I hope GOD can forgive us, and that you can do.
To bring you back there is nothing I wouldn't do.
Live on my love I will see you at the gate.
To hold, love and kiss you Mommy just can't wait.
I'm sorry I've stolen an Angel away.
I will feel Remorse FOREVER, because of that day.