Poor dog. Did this really happened? Smokey, a chihuahua wandered around with a fork stuck deep in his head, and take note, for three days! OMG! How did he ever survived that one.

A handle broke off a grilling fork and flew right into his head at a family party in Kentucky. Ouch! That seriously hurts. Smokey then ran off into the woods and was lost for three days before being rescued. He was immediately taken to the hospital.

Vets took just thirty seconds to remove the lodged barbecue fork in Smokey’s brain. geeessh


Add Topic said…
Totoo ba yan? Kawawa naman yung aso..

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Bojoy said…
@Add Topic: yup, kwawa ung aso noh. buti nman at nbuhay pa. look at his eyes..
Miah said…
tinuod na? kaluoy bah oie, survivor pud kaau xa noh kay 3 days nabuhi pa japon hehehe... kaluoy jud niya uie... mura xag c brownie, amoang dog..
Bojoy said…
@miah: luoy gyd. pero wala lage dugo noh ahehehe.. pero na news mn ni.. kuoy aug nawung..
Anonymous said…
oh this is bad. :(
poor dog..
Viki said…
oh my god how did it survive for 3 days ...gosh that poor dog !!!