We must admit that there are times when we forget how much a person means to us. we just realize it when it's too late or when that person becomes away from us. well earlier this week Peterson just sort of reminded me how much i was in love with him (which i still am until this very moment). Me and baby ayne were just watching tv when he handed me notes, like post-it notes. i was wondering what it was though the bundle of notes seems very familiar.

When I opened it, memories just flashed through my mind. of course those were the notes or shall i say love letters I've sent him before. way back 2006. I was really overwhelmed when I read them, I kinda miss doing it. When we we're just mag boyfriend and girlfriend, I always write notes for him. When I'm at home, in school or wherever I am and whenever I thought of him (which was like 24/7). And at the end of the month of on our monsaries, it's the time when I hand him my simple gift, my love notes. So mushy yet it's what i really felt. It's like I'm talking to him through those notes. I even have several diaries which was mostly about of him, us.

I never thought he still have it. He said he have kept it somewhere and that it means a lot to him. I was really touched and now, we kept it some place safe. A place where ayne could not get a hold of it, or else punit lahat! hahaha. I was just glad about it. I even take a few pics of it. =)


Jean said…
hala uie.. pwd makilig ani joy? ;))
Bojoy said…
@jean: ehehehe hatagig kog cheence jean.. hehe mushy kau noh.. waaaa