What can I say? Shame on you Mr. Mickey Arroyo it's so obvious, anak ka pa naman ng presidente. Just a congressman but with 99M Net worth?? How come? Now I'm beginning to believe that the Arroyo's are really corrupt. Are they? let me share the Mr. Mikey notes that were posted on Twitter. This is not so me, this is my first time ranting about our politics. I just can't help it. I'm just pissed off.

Dear mr mikey. I think i am one of your many silent partners (the filipino taxpayers). I may visit the states soon. I am gonna need the keys...wala akong matutuluyan. Bahay ko rin yan.

Dear Mr. Mikey, you just sealed your political coffin.

Dear Mr. Mikey, I feel sorry for whoever had to wash the suit you were wearing because you must've been sweating bullets.

Dear Mikey, row 4 ka ba nung student ka?!

Dear Mr. Mikey, YOU are responsible for my decision to register to vote tomorrow. Mabuhay ka! @suzy899

dear mikey, sana nag-baon ka ng bawang at sibuyas dahil nagisa ka big time ni mareng winnie. @emydeguzman

dear mr. mikey, me and my daughter think that if you can have kick backs that we should also get the chance to KICK YOU BACK.

dear mr. mikey, i dont believe that u are corrupt. i know your money came from the earnings of your movie "wlang iba kundi ikaw"

Dear Mr. Mikey, bilog ang mundo and so is your face.

Dear mr. mikey, iba talaga ang may pinag-manahan!

Hindi ko na pinost ung iba,and dami eh! hehehe


M.I.M.O.T said…
Pres. gloria arroyo herself used the P88m calamity fund for her trip since 2001... what can i say?? leaders took advantage the things we have for their own interest...
Bojoy said…
@mimot: yes tma ka gurl.. ang kapal tlga, hindi marunong mhiya!