It's been a few weeks that I'm not able to update any of my blogs. I was just so preoccupied (again) with the things around me, that I opted out blogging for awhile.

Well, how's me lately? I've been great. Career & Family? Splendid!Ü I'm thankful for all the blessing God has showered on me and my famillia. Love? getting stronger. *wink* I 'm just a little stressed out with taking care of my toddler. He's really getting so kulit and it's real hard keeping up with him. Indeed, it's really hard being a parent. He just keep on running here and there, ugh. And the tantrums! I can barely take it. But I love him still. He brings so much joy in the family.


One of the best things was that I was able to go out with my friends! Yey! Yes, it's a big deal 'cause I wasn't able to hang out with them for like years already. It's was Molit's birthday, I really missed all of them. And I'm looking forward for more gatherings soon and hopefully I could join in!


And finally I met the people who Peterson works with everyday. It's good knowing them and them knowing me. I had so much fun. We went to New Bataan 3-4 hrs away from Davao. I loved it, a weekend with hubby and not worrying about anything was perfect. We left yen2x with my inlaws, when he's a little older he could go na with us.Ü