Holy Week. This trip was almost postponed. A week before Holyweek, I was already planning what to do on our 4 day vacation. It would be long so better yet make the most out of it. Mom, sissy and I wanted to go for the beach. So it would be somewhere Samal for sure, to the white sands. Iba-iba kasi schedules namin so we're not able to talk through the plan seriously, to finalize things and to finally decide where and settle our budget. Not until it was already Thursday. So having all the list of numbers to call we tried to make our reservations. But much to our dismay, everywhere was fully booked. :'( I was really dissapointed yet we still tried, dapat kasi we called a week or so earlier. But still I made further research on resorts located in Samal. Still, fully booked. Until Peterson said something that gave us a glint of hope! Hehehe So, even if we were unsure we drove to Samal Island on a very early Saturday morning. Having our fingers crossed and hoping we could get a room on the resort we are eying on. It's an adventure, what do yah know! ^_^ Arrived 7:00 AM at the said resort. "FULLY BOOKED MAN SIR" that was what the man uttered. :'( Oh noooooooes! But he suggested some alternatives. So we went for it! We ended up at Punta del Sol. We should have opted for Bali-bali Beach Resort cause I saw (on their site) how beautiful the resort is. But then it was fully booked as well. Oh my, Punta del Sol is still a beach resort so it was okay na rin. As long as the family is together and is having fun, why not! We even got a discount cause the owner was pop's customer. ^_^ It was fun, I still glad we pursued the plan on going to the beach and I'm looking forward for another beach trip! Yey!Ü


Azumi's Mom ★ said…
Hi sis its been awhile.. i heard about Samal, dami daw maganda beaches dun.. i think they're right.. miss ko na magsummer dyan
Bojoy said…
hi sis, uo nga and im back blogging nnman.Ü

indeed, mgganda beach resorts d2 and and dami mong pwede pg pilian. ^_^ hope u could get back to pinas one day together w/ ur cutie cupcake..