Yes, we are able to watch APO's Paalam nAPO concert and it was really great! I fell inlove with APO again. ^_^ I was really mesmerized, fascinated, start-strucked and whatever you want to call it. (Wala pa gani ko ka get over! haay..) The concert was really fun too, they never failed to make their audience laugh, as in LOL talaga! ^_^ Boboy was cute and funny, Jim was really tisoy, and Danny is very soulful. When he sings, you could really feel the message/emotions he's trying to send to the audience. I got really hooked. Well sila namang tatlo ganun, soulful, but I personally liked how Danny Javier sings. But nonetheless I love them all! It's really different when you watch them live. I could remember their shows from the past, the Sang Linggo nAPO Sila, and Boboy's Mr. Cupido! LOL I was really young back then, but I was already an avid fan. And as I watched them on the stage, star-stucked, I was more amazed by them. Petpet also loved it. He just kept on praising them all through out the concert and he was getting all mushy and romantic that night! Hahaha Effective pala talaga ung songs nila. But I felt sad because we left before it ended. T.T It was like my heart was left in the walls of the auditorium land is longing for them. Yay! Emo! Bwahahahaha But seriously though, I was really dissapointed that we have to leave early. But anyway I just said to myself, atleast I was still able to watch them and hear them live. It was a memorable night indeed.

We then went to grab some dinner, drive-through again! Ugh! I only had sundae caramel, my favorite! Then went straight to Reparo. Tamabay mode muna. Hubby and a friend had a few drinks while I was busy Facebooking (may term bang ganun?!) 12:30AM Went to Victoria Plaza Car Park, tambay mode with John Parado and some dudes. Met hubby's friends from Dazi, mga angkol daw. Tambay mode lang = loud music + beer + yosi + chit chats + car exhibitions (sa mga pamati). Past 1AM, went to MacDonalds, burger and french fries with hubby's friends. Then finally went home na after. Arrived at Pet2's place past 2AM and finally dozed off around 3AM with APO's "Wala Nang Hahanapin Pa" playind endlessly in my head.


Maagang nagising with a slight headache due to lack of sleep ata. Around 8AM went home to Mintal, while hubby still have to go back to Reparo to finish some work. Kami yen2x sa bahay lang muna nag stay with lola, lolo and tita. Played around all day.very exhausting! (but fun!) 4PM went to Dumoy to meet up with hubby then malling with our dobidoo. Then while strolling around the mall, hubby sudden felt ill so we went back to the car to rest for a while. Decided to check in to a cheap inn around downtown and Du family went there to bring dinner. Then they finally have to go, our dobidoo was very eager to go with them he even cried akala niya iiwana na siya. So we let him go with his Ama and Angkong and tita, tito. So hubby and I stayed there overnight, having our own quality time together. Love it. I always like spending time with him alone, I mean our own quality time away from all the stress, all the noise that surrounds us. And a short time away from our dobidoo as well. I am glad that we are able to do this and I am happy that he exerts effort in these things. Then we woke up very early in the morning, around 4:30 AM. We are worried with our dobidoo, we missed him na. And also kasi he keeps on waking up in the middle of the night, tpos iiyak mag hahanap ng mama or papa. Kawawa naman. We felt a bit guilty for letting him go with hubby's parents since we know that he will be looking for us eventually. But yun, we managed naman to wake up early to fetch dobidoo.

And Monday? is another story. It was a manic monday. Pet2x absent from work, tambay bahay mode, joy ride, malling, lover's quarrel, kissed and made up. Pet2x going at my workplace around midnight just to talk things with me, and we are okay. It was also my fault, i get so carried away with little things. Oh blame it with the hormones! :p I get so makitid at times, just glad that Pet2x would really come up to me to fix things. I love you beb. much much!