The Apo Hiking Society, on the final leg of their historic 40 years in entertainment, makes one more visit to the southern lands of Mindanao with concerts in Davao (May 14 & 15), Cagayan De Oro (May 21), and Tubod (May 22).

Will be watching this on Sat with family! (LabLab) I've been waiting for this and I just can't wait na. APO's one of my favorite local artists. I love them! And I can't wait to see them and hear their music live. Thanks again to papa for the tickets! Weeeheeee!ÜÜÜ You still got time, get your tickets now!


iamronel said…
i do love them as well.anyways can we have link exchange/ thanks
I will surely miss the Apo. They have made such a great influence in the Philippine musical scene that people of all ages were able to connect with their timeless songs. Like Jose Mari Chan, they are forever love and followed by their die hard fans no matter how long their recording careers were interrupted. Their music will continue to flow and haunt the country long after their lives are gone. Kudos to Apo Hiking Society for all their contributions to Philippine society. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
Bojoy said…
@aimronel: I love them too!Ü sure will ronel. added ur link already!Ü

@kuya mel: I definitely agree with you kuya Mel. APO surely will live forever through their music. I like JMC too!Ü

Thanks for the comments.Ü