Yes, this is a most opportune so called interview with God. I read it before but it always gives me a different kind of perspective regarding our relationship with God. Thanks for your inspired post. God bless you all always.
RoNald said…
haha aksyon kabalaka si God. tsk tsk tsk.let's make the most of the moments lang tingali. agi ra ko Joy. :D
Bojoy said…
@kuya Mel: thank you too kuya mel for the visit, and comment.Ü

@ronald: krelate ka nald?? hehehe mau kay naka agi ka. god bless! balik2x hap... :p
hi! just blog-hopping!

that interview is a reality.

have a great weekend!
Unknown said…
a very inspiring thoughts! ^_^
bonz said…
so true, sis!

btw, thanks for adding me. pero meron pa, sis... pa-add ulet! thanks!

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blessed sunday!
Bojoy said…
@yani: thnx for dropping by yani!Ü

@jorch: indeed jorch.Ü

@bonz: sis na add ko na!Ü