I am back! *woot! :> I missed blogging, I'm constantly visiting my blog but haven't got the chance to post an update. Anyway, thank you for those who took time to visit me here. So how's me? I'm doing good, still managing glitches from here to there but I am doing just fine. Confident enough that no matter what I'll went through, I have a back-up, a body-guard, a guide, a friend that will never forsake me. It's Him, my Big God. :>

Anyway, been very busy with work lately. But soon there will be changes. And I am crossing my fingers, ly hoping for the best. With family, my kiddo's a big boy na! Learning new things everyday. And I have to be there for him, specially when he's picking up new learnings that he shouldn't. I know you know what I mean. Sakit sa ulo sometimes but I have to stretch my patience even more. Hay! Hirap making magulang! I understand now ma, LOL But also I am learning as well. :>

Brgy. election. :/ Grabe it was a memorable experience for me! :> No, I didn't ran for any position. Ehe! But my dad did. It was really fun even though his party didn't won! I never even thought I'd feel this way. Though it was a bit heart-breaking in the end but life must go on. For two weeks, people are going in and out at our place. We have enough space outside our house so they decided to make it their head quarters. For two weeks, there're a lot of people outside, cooking breakfast-lunch-dinner, their jingle playing very loudly, people conversing about politics, making chismis, mga taong oozy and etc. It was kinda hard for me coz I sleep during the day, but oddly enough I enjoyed seeing a lot of people come and go, I enjoyed the noise.

After everything I've appreciated the essence of camaraderie. I've learned a lot and I've learned that politics is indeed dirty. No matter how genuine your intentions are, na sisilaw parin ang tao sa pera. Oh well, life must go on. God has his own reasons why he didn't let my dad and his party win and it perfectly fine with us. :> Thy will be done. +