I wanted to relax my brain for a while so I have decided to write a post. This won't take long. :> I just want to express something, a random thought, a random feeling. The thought popped out from nowhere and I want to write about it. As what I have mentioned from my past posts, the road we're travelling has become bumpy. And the sudden change was quite hard for the both of us. I'm just glad that my kiddo won't have to experience what we had felt. Super tipid muna. :> And it means that we have lessen our shopping trips, going out to eat, our joy rides and etc. Before that, everything was going very well. But then things took a different turn, hubby lost his job. And ofcourse it affected us, financially. But now, we're starting to get on track again. God is good he never forsakes us. I am immensely thankful for the blessings! Thinking about it, it's not really a major lost. I still have my job and compensation could be more than enough. And to think other people has bigger problems compared to ours. And hey we're still very young, we could always start anew and we got our families beside us, always very supportive.

We have learned a very important lesson with what we've been through. Money isn't everything. Money is not our source of joy, we should always take care of God's blessings. Thank him and Praise Him. There came to a point that we're more than excited to head up to mall rather than going to church. And just like what they always say, everything happens for a reason. I have always believed in that. And we have seen what it is. Now, Peterson's on a new venture and it's very promising. I am confident that he could make it, with God's guidance. It's something he's good at.

I am constantly praying to God and to St. Joseph that they'll guide Petpet in everything he does. And asking Mama Mary to help me to be the best mother to my son.

God bless us all! :)


Yes, you are so right. Everything happens for a reason and God has a purpose for every soul in this planet. The heavy trial you have been through made you both stronger and straighten up your priorities in life. You realized that money is not everything and nothing is constant in this world. May you find peace of mind, joy in your heart and meaning in your life. Thanks for the sincere post. God bless you all always.