If I have this amazing room in my house, you'll find me sitting in my comfy chair all day long with a good book in my hand, not moving a limb. I may even forget that Internet exist! Ha!  I love books, I love reading! When we still lived in Cebu in my grandpa's house (I was about 8 yrs. old), I would dig into BIG old dusty (atchuu!) boxes which contains old books and old magazines. Trying to find something good to read. I won't stop digging until I'd find something that would interest me, and when I do find one I'll just sit there reading my way to wonderland. Are you familiar with the movie "The Pagemaster"? That's my favorite movie when I was a kid! (& also The Never Ending Story) I've always dreamed to be able to go inside a big library like the one on The Pagemaster movie or go inside a book like Bastian did on The Never Ending Story. Oh what a wonder it would be. :)

When I was in my teens, I've always enjoyed reading Collier's Junior Classic. You'll find me locked in my room on a Sunday afternoon, awash in my imagination and eating peanuts! (yes it's a combo, peanuts + a good book to read LOL!) And now that I'm a grown up, the love hasn't faded and never will (I guess). There days when I'd crave for a good book to read. Something that would stimulate my feelings and imaginations. I'd rather read a great book than watch a movie. Yes, that's just me. :') I'll always stay inlove with books. ♡ ♡ ♡