Dearest hubby,

I feel odd, I feel odd because I'm missing you even though we're together everyday. Maybe this is because everything's not the same anymore. You've finally landed a job after several years of being idle, cheers to that! I just got so used of having you around and now that you're working 8(+) hours a day, 6 days a week, I terribly miss you. We only have a few hours to be together everyday and when you get home you're dead tired. But I understand, I'm still thankful that you've finally stepped up from your death bed. LOL I miss you tons and I love you much much much! <3 And congratulations for having the strength to stop smoking!

[x] I miss staying up all night with you, dvd marathons, late night coffee, late night snacks, late night cuddling! (Not worrying about work the next day.)
[x] I miss spending the whole day with only you and yen-yen.
[x] I miss driving with you.
[x] I miss our late night drives, going to the nearest store to buy chips and ice cream!
[x] I miss our trips to McDonald's drive through.
[x] I miss swimming with you and yen2x. (Not minding what day we do it.)
[x] I miss having petty  fights with you. (Not the major fights oh please!)

.... and the list goes on and on and on and on...

I love you babe, I'm glad we're able to patch things up. I know the last 6 months have been like hell! I'm very thankful that we're finally doing something and finally getting things right. It's still a long hard road to travel, but we're slowly getting there and I'm glad we're still together in this journey. May God be with us always. 



I hope your hubby reads this. I'm sure he will be so touched by your letter. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
this is sweet. hang in there bojoy! Him having a job is a necessity for your relationship too.:)
Probably Jonel feels the same way towards me because he always tells me every night that he misses me so much. Hahahaha! Ana jud na mads pag nakasanayan na na magkauban everyday then kalit lang ang isa magwork "outside". Same ta, pero reverse situation. Why don't you go out of your comfort zone again? :-D