It's time to tumble,
It's time to play,
It's time to celebrate 
Ayne's 5th Birthday!

 Yaaay!!! My little patootie is turning 5 tomorrow! Everyone's been looking forward on this special day, wanting the best for our unico ijo. I've manage to make this birthday tarp for him, though this isn't my design (I just grabbed this from Google images) but it's perfect because he loves dinosaurs. A little editing worked just fine, thank your for the guy who created Adobe Photoshop! ;') Also thanks to myself for learning the arts of photo editing, LOOOL. So tomorrow's going to be a blast, i'm crossing my fingers  for a great sunny weather since our venue is on the beach. He's been pleading to go for a swim for almost two weeks now and go swimming on his birthday would be so much joy for him. Please help me pray for a good weather! :')

My baby's all grown up now, I'm a very proud mother. :'>


meiyah said…
Belated Happy Birthday sa imu anak bojoy... :)