So I'm joining the NaBloMo for Febuary! :) See? I really mean it when I said I want to revive my blog. Okay so I'll stop beating around the bush and will now go on with my entry. :)

Tell us about your first crush. I had my first crush when I was (recalling memories as far as I can) 5 years old. ❤ He's one of my playmates and lived just around our neighborhood. I always loved going to their place because his older sister ( or was it his mom?? ) would let me borrow their big fairy tale books (which I really fancied). I only know him by the name of Oliver. We didn't grew up together since me and my family transferred to my grandfather's house when I was 6. Since then I never saw him again. :) The only memories I have with him was our tireless playtimes and of course my favorite fairy tale books. And now as I am writing this entry I am wondering; what has he become? what does he look like today? and does he even remember me? I wonder. :)

For this entry, I'm posting this very cute photo. Oh first crush!