It's tiMes like theSe,
when I miSs U the moSt.
I wiSh U weRe with mE,
holdin' mE cLose..

I have this fLustEring feeLing,
lyin' dEep witHin maH heArt.
I feeL sO rEstlesS,
wheNeVer We aRe apArt.

This niGht is loNely, coLd aNd lonG.
I wish I coUld sEe U sMile,
foH I feEL sUmthiN iS wrOnG..

I lovE U sO mUcH,
aNd U meAn thE worLd tO meH.
It's incredible when I'm witH U,
aNd I miSs U @ tiMes like thEsE...