Saturday, May 24, 2008

i'm planning to shed off some weight! Though I'm not really sure if i can make it or can keep up to my woRd. hahaha but i will really try, promise. i just don't feel good about those bilbils anymore! hahaha I admit I have those! It really suck. And also I think I'll look good thinner. :) Mas gwapa ko pg payat ko! hahaha agree chay? Yaw na palay ha? Though I'm not really fat, as in huge but I'm chubby. I'm not really a big eater, but I gain weight very easily. maybe because I don't do much, I don't exercise, and I eat at night or during midnights rather. Cause at work our break time's around 2 in the morning. And we usually go out to eat, and when we get back to work what we do is just sit until working hours is over. You see, I don't really have much activities going on. All those fats are stuck in my tummy! hahahaha help me.. I just hope i can achieve this! *wink*

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