I've been feeling lately that I'm left out. I feel like i haven't updated my blog even though i am posting something 2-3x a week. Well maybe because I'm not posting anything about me lately. All I'm busy posting are these paid reviews! hahaha It's not quite obvious huh?Not I'm really trying hard to earn extra cash! waaaaa Oh well, what's wrong with that. I was enjoying these things. Anyway, I've listed anything that had happened lately. I know this is a very very late update, but it's better late than never! *winx*

* I've made new friends here in the office and I think we're pretty close now. It's Aubrey and Joanna. They're from they day shift and i barely even know them before. Though i was able to visit their blogs but we don't really know each other that well. Not until Aubrey transfered to night shift and sat next to me and a week after Joanna followed. Now, we're always together (Well almost). We go home together since we're all from the south. Our officemates even call us Southern Girls! waaa And during break time we go out together as well. I'm glad I've met them.

* We have transfered to a new building, it now located around downtown area. It's 30-40 minutes away from home. And it means i have to left early for work, which I don't really like. Hehehe The good thing is it's now around downtown area, food is very accessible! Wahahaha

* I think I've gained weight, and i hate it!

* I had my salary increase this recent pay day. And expecting for another (anniversary increase) this coming pay day,Ü I'm jUst glad aweee!Ü

* Hubby has resigned from his work from TireSmart Car & Accesories. He got tired of it, knowing that he invests a lot of his effort and time on his work. He had a decent position but still his compensation is not reasonable enough. He got tired of broken promises with sales commision. He never got what he deserved. It was just unfair. But he's assured having a new jOb this jan. he's just waiting for his driving license

* Hubby's now baby yenyen's new yaya. or le me say yayo instead! ahehehe i like having hubby just around us. But still he needs to have a job. ahe!

* Yenyen has become a super hyper kid! Waaaa Never gets tired of playing! (buyag. buyag.) Super malikot, makulit, maingay. But it's okay, at least we could see that he's a healthy and happy child. We love him so much!Ü♥

* One of these days, i'll try to pursue hubby that we'll go back to my parent's place. why? i just want to live there. Wish me luck.Ü

* Super excited for Christmas!

Hmmm i can't think of anything more. But if there's any update I''' make sure to post it. hehehehe