Just like what I expected, weekend will always be much F.U.N! We always make it to a point that we could get some quality time together (only the 3 of us, sometimes with our families or for the lovers alone ^_^) during weekends. And when I say "quality time together" it usually means going to the mall, lil shopping, eating out, swimming or just taking a long drive. Last Sunday after strolling around the mall, we went to Villa de Mercedes with Peterson's family. Villa de Mercedes has been a word of mouth, people have been saying that the place is marvelous. And they're not mistaken at all. Villa de Mercedes is situated within Toril at 535 feet above sea level, yet only 30 minutes away from the city. It is a breathtaking residential development nestled atop the hills of Catigan. You need to bring a real estate agent with you to get inside the village. What people really wanted to experience in Villa de Mercedes is their infinity pool! Marvelous indeed and my bugoy really had fun!

gate ^_^
the pool

mona liza and jc. having a great time

my bugoy and pet2x' shobe


at the playground with hubby. much


mariz @ their cafe. already starving @.@

and of course me! hahaha haggard much! >.<