First Day of School!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We survived our first day! Yay! :') Today was yen-yen's first day of preschool and I'm glad we're able to pull it through. We've been preparing and been very excited for this day. I admit it was quite hard because I know how energetic he is when he's outside the house and we (specially me) always had a hard time controlling him. Parents were allowed to go inside the classroom since it's just the first day. Nung nasa classroom na kami, I noticed that toys easily distracts him. When he'd got a hold of a toy, it's like he's cutting the world away from him. And there we were always reminding him to pay attention to his teacher, I'm glad Peterson came along with us. Nevertheless, I am very happy to see how easy it is for him to be with other kids. He's not shy at all. I know that I won't have a hard time leaving him at school but I always get worried if he'd get into a fight or something, because my little bug's a little physical. And he's used of always getting what he wants. Now, we're looking forward for a new day tomorrow. All day I've been asking him if he liked school and I only got one answer. "Yes, balik tayu sa school bukas ha mama." Well that enough made me feel happy and proud.

I'm very happy to witness my son's first day of school and we are very proud of our little bug!

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