And the count-down begins! :-)) I know everyone's been counting the days until Christmas Eve even as early as November but mine officially begins today. I've always loved the month December, well who doesn't anyway. I love the cool breeze (even if it gives me nast rhinitis attacks), i love the Christmas songs being played everywhere, and of course love the spirit of giving. I've already packed little tyke's old toys and clothes, we'll be sharing it to the needy. And also, we'll be putting up our tyree this weekend. (excited!) There's always something special about December, and more than anything it's the birthday of Jesus. I've heard (well even talked to them) several grown ups said that they're not really that excited about Christmas anymore, maybe because they're all grown up. But me? I've never lost it. Thinking about Christmas make me feel giddy, excited and kilig. It brings out the the child in me. Do you still remember how it feels like during Christmas Eve? When you all dress up for Noche Buena, great music being played, with all those pretty lights on your Christmas tree, and the gifts under it? Do you remember the festive feeling? I'm all excited about that. More excited for my little tyke. :') What I miss is the fireworks. Fireworks' are not allowed in where I live, Davao City. It's alright though coz we kinda got used to it. But of course fireworks' are fun, but then again it's better be safe.

There's a lot to look forward to this month. Parties, family and friends get together, exchange gifts and lots more!! :-)) Isn't it just great? Yes, I'm really excited.