i had came across with this word, "grandfather clock". i don't really know exactly it looks like but then i already have the picture in my mind, though not quite sure if the image i am seeing is correct. I then tried looking for it through Google and then confirmed what i thought was right. This clock is most commonly known or called as longcase clocks, or pendulum clocks Of course what image can you create when you hear the word "grandfather clock". My tatay (that's how i call my grandpa) have this clock. Positioned his living room, in his house in cebu. I was so young then. And it awes me looking at that round thing swinging back and forth and the ding! sound. You'll always find me standing in front of the clock wanting to pull that swinging thing. lol Anyway, I missed his place. The last time I visited tatay's house was way back in 2007 when I was pregnant and was spending New Year with hubby's family. But he's not there anymore, I wished he had seen me grew up. But i know he seeing the woman that I am now. I love you so much tatay and I missed you too. You would be so proud how beautiful my son is, your apo sa tuhod. hehe

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How longcase clocks came to be known as "grandfather clocks"?

During the 19th century, two brothers named Jenkins worked as managers at the George Hotel in Piercebridge, County Durham, England. One of the brothers died and, according to the story told to Henry Clay Work in 1875, the clock (made by James Thompson) began to lose time. Repair attempts were made, but failed. When the other brother died at the age of 90, the clock stopped running altogether, and was never repaired in remembrance of the brothers.

Work decided to write a song about the story of this clock, which he called My Grandfather's Clock. The song became popular, and it is from this song that the current usage derives.