I can't remember if i was bale to mention that we had baby's yen.yen hair's cut. It was a month ago i think. His was already really long and it became nuisance. Not just with me, but most specially with him. It gave him rashes around his forehead (poor baby), knowing that he sweats too much and that he's an uber hiper and active. Hubby didn't want to cut baby's hair cause he wanted it to grow long but then he finally gave in. kawawa na si baby kasi. And finally we had it done. Now looking at baby yen-yen he doesn't look more of a 'SHE', it's clear to see that my baby's a 'HE'! cause like what i mentioned before people always thought that baby yen.yen's a girl. And let me present a few before and after pics!Ü

And there are days when hubby and I are sitting neXt to eachother, and jUst looking at baby yenyen play, we would tell eachother that we miss baby yenyen's hair!Ü But still we're glad we had cut it.