Explosion proof lights are generally what customers need when searching for intrinsically safe lights. Explosion proof lights differ from hazardous area lights and are defined by the types of conditions their safety rating applies to. Class 1, Division 1 lights are the safest lights, meaning that they can be used in confined areas with continuous exposure to flammable petrochemical vapors and gases like hydrogen and acetylene. Larson Electronics explores the latest advances in lighting technology, demystifies varies acronyms and terms and helps prospective customers make the best choices on lights. Explosion proof lights, pass UL safety standards proving they will not cause an explosion when used in areas where flammable petrochemical vapors and/or pulverized dust exist or have the potential to exist in the atmosphere. Explosion proof lights are UL rated Class 1 Division 1 or Class 1, Division 2 rated by UL for use in hazardous areas. Explosion proof lights are UL rated for confined spaces and are typically used for cleaning vessels or fuel cells, plant turn around, marine work areas, paint booths, etc. Magnalight.com has recently introduced OSHA compliant hazardous area lighting at a much lower price than these explosion proof lights were available for previously from other dealers. These lights are thouroughly tested by being dropped from different heights and surrounded by flamable vapors, in order to meet OSHA requirements. Applications for explosion proof lights include wastewater treatment plants, refinery tanks, oil and gasoline loading docks, coal pulverizing facilities, munitions storage areas, tunnel projects, utility gas plants, power plant areas, hazardous areas and mining conveyor belts.