This is just amazing! This boy will be thankful for his ears for all his life. A six-year-old boy slipped through window bars in a block of flats in China and ended up dangling by his ears (i think you got quite big ears over there!) - eight stories above the ground! How scary is that.

Neighbours called police after hearing the little boy's screams and he was eventually rescued by firefighters, reports the Chutian Metropolis News. It happened after the boy's grandfather left him sleeping in the flat in Jucheng Compound, Yichang in Hubei Province, to pop outside on an errand. The boy, called Ming Ming, woke up to find himself alone and is believed to have fallen from the window while looking out for his grandfather.

Because he is so small, Ming Ming fell straight through the safety bars but he was saved from certain death because his head got trapped.


rich said…
For real? I doubt about this though. T.T
clarence said…
homaygad! this is so scary.

Indeed, he should be thankful for his ears for the rest of his life.