I just discovered this super cool Japanese toy, Konapun. I'm just glad that I visited reddit today coz I stumbled on something that flickered my interest, which is my sole purpose why I visited the site in the first place. ^^, I am totally fascinated with this toy, Japanese could really create cute stuffs, very creative! Anyway, Konapun is a miniature, non-edible sample food making kit for kids, manufactured by Bandai, one of the biggest toy manufactures in Japan. Each Konapun kit contains a set of powders and what you do is to mix these with water and imitate cooking process -- your favorite spaghetti, curry rice, fried chicken, and even sushi is ready for you (A petit-version though.)

finished product ^^.

Interesting eh!? This toy would be super cool when playing bahay-bahayan! Brings so much childhood memories, hihihi ^^. You know I am a sucker for cute things, and I fell inlove with this immediately. And I actually want one, *sigh* Too bad I still can't use my Paypal account for now, wasn't able to verify it yet. :'<  I checked it on ebay and the set costs around $37-39. Oh I want one!

Check the video, you'll end up wanting one too! ^^



It's really hard to verify an account with PayPal. It took me almost 6 months to fully activate my PayPal account using the credit card of my wife as a conduit. Hope you can settle your PayPal account so that you can order that Japanese toy. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
very nice kaayo na dulaan Joy.. unya makaon jud na sya? hehe. na intriga ko. :)
Bojoy said…
@jcs: dli siya mkaon mads. sayang lage. unta mkaon pd hehehehe ibog kau ko ani bah.. :'/