I don't really know what to say right now, but i really want to update my blog so badly. :') So maybe  I can show you what my lappy's wallpaper looks like. I so love it, my so adorable Antonio! :) (Galeng noh? Wala akong masabi with all the disasters that are happening lately. hehehe Actually ng hahanap lng ng intro LOL) 

Anyway, what's happening with the world? So do you think that maybe the end is coming? Is 2012 for real? Well, I've heard and read a lot of sh*t about the end of the world. But who could really tell? No one, except God. I understand that a lot of people are getting scared, I am too. We don't know what would happen next, where will the next earthquake strike, and when? Yes it's very scary, and the only thing that we could do is pray. I hope we don't only pray not because it feels like the world is ending but rather we pray through whatever good or bad is happening.

My prayers goes to all the people in Japan and to the whole world as well. May all of us be safe and guarded, let's keep our prayers strong, stronger.