japan. it hasn’t even hit me yet, that this is my life.

watching this on the news…it’s very scary, like a bad horror movie. and yet, this is very real. as you know, i live in japan. i’m writing this to you in between aftershocks; in between each evacuation of my home. i felt the earthquake. i feel the aftershocks. i saw the trains stop midway down the tracks. i heard the sirens and horns of emergency vehicles down my street. i watched as the connections on our phones shut down. i have only luck and the prayers of many from all across the world to thank for the fact that my city of tokyo is not underwater yet.

so please. please. even if just for a second, even if you’re not assigned to any faith. as someone who is witnessing this first-hand, i ask of you, please take a moment out of your day to pray for all areas of japan that have been affected by the earthquake as well as by the resulting tsunami. and please keep all areas that have been issued a warning or advisory - not just japan, but its loving neighbors and friends as well - in your thoughts and in your hearts during the coming days.

thank you.

Saw this on tumblr yesterday, it really moved me that I had to repost it on my tumblr as well. And I also want to post this here. Let's continue praying for Japan.


Yes, let us all pray for Japan. It could have been us or any other nation. It is just most unfortunate that it was Japan which were hit by the twin whammy of a great earthquake and a devastating tsunami. Let us all pray for God's mercy on the people of Japan. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.