I'm just so excited that I can't help blogging about it.

It's currently 3:20 in the morning and it's raining cats and dogs here in my city; Davao that is.
Just a few minutes ago, I was busy working and was trying to concentrate on the tasks I need to get done with. I was working double time and was even multi-tasking coz i really need to finish this before the sun's up (if mr. sun would ever come out today). When suddenly i heard something. It was a puppy crying, I was puzzled cause the cry seemed to be just outside our door but I knew that our dog's not buntis(pregnant) at all so there's no reason for us to have a puppy. I just went back working but the poor cry really bothered me big time. So I looked outside the window, trying to figure out where the cry's coming from. I listened intently and I was hundred percent sure that it's from the street, I want to make sure so I went outside to confirm my assumption. And guess what I saw? A poor puppy in the middle of the street, all wet from the rain (it's still raining). Poor little thing, I just can't leave there. I'm a dog lover and my heart broke when I saw him. All wet, can't find his way home and I'm just sure his crying for his mommy :'( I went searching for an umbrella but didn't saw any, I don't want to bother mom or sister so I just grabbed a towel and covered my head with it. I went outside, walked a few paces away from our house, walked in the rain on an empty wet street and picked up the puppy. Poor thing, we was really shivering :'( I don't know how long he's been in the street, all wet and cold.

And guess what he's really cute!!!!!! Maybe he's just from around the neighborhood. But we'll see if someone will go looking for him in the morning. I toweled him dry and made him a cozy bed. Now, he's sleeping peacefull! awwwww I wanna keep him!!<3


Keep him. He was really meant for you. Keeping him will make both of you happy. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Anonymous said…
Aww That is just sweet! Glad you took the time off from your work and was able to recover that poor little puppy, did anyone come looking? *keep me posted please :)
hailey said…
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