Little tike Yen2x and mommy Bojoy!

We just came home from Cheska's (yen's classmate) Jollibee party and the three of us had so much fun. My little dude has grown up na talaga, I could see that he's starting to build his own social life (proud momi). :') I'm just glad that he's not the shy type and that he's confident enough to make friends with anyone, even with adults. He just tends to be SUPER kulit though (let me emphasize SUPER), but I'm glad that he's learning to get along with other kids. Diba you know naman how an only child is, the one who always gets what he wants and and the one who wants things to go his way (always). Now, he knows how to share na! ^^. But I admit, he needs more training on that aspect (sharing).

At 25 years old, it's my first time to watch a dancing mascot upclose and to actually be with a mascot (yes i mean side by side closeness). I've always been scared of them, not until I had my baby. I felt like, I'm too darn old to get spooked by these big headed things (not to mention those big eerie eyes). Now, I've learned to love them. *giggles* I'm so amazed with how good Jollibee can dance! You can only imagine how wide my smile was while watching Jollibee and Hetty dance, and was hoping na sama matagal matapos ang dance number nila! LOL I felt like a kid again! I was actually happy being there and even yen2x was glued on his seat. He was kind of star stuck upon seeing Jollibee.

Today was LOVE!


What a beautiful photo of you and your kid. Great that the three of you enjoyed that Jollibee party and you were mesmerized by the dance number of Jollibee and Hetty. Great to feel like a kid once in a while. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.