How do you settle differences in a relationship?
How do you make a relationship work, when it seems like a dead-end?
How  do you learn to comprise?
How do you change a mama's boy? To make him stand up for his own family?
What do you do if things get a little too difficult with the MIL?
How do you rekindle the fire you once had?

How do you? How can you? What would you do? 

I have been carrying these questions in my head for quite some time. Sa totoo lang, may mga sagot naman ako sa mga tanong na 'to. Peterson and I had been through difficult times and with our experience alone I could say that I can wisely answer these questions, except for the mama's boy thing though. But this isn't about us, I'm very blessed with my relationship right now. Thank God and thank you to "Ms. Experience", they're all correct she's the best teacher there is. They're about someone I know personally and bad things have been happening in their relationship lately. Petty fights turned into big fights, then even into monstrous fights. It's been going on for months, so much for unnecessary drama. I feel so sad for them, even sadder for their little girl. They can't resolve their problem no matter how they tried to talk things out. Kasi din siguro sa walang nag ppakumbaba sa kanila. Each one claims that he/she's correct, puro bunganga ang ginagamit. Para lang nman silang mga bata, immature. Na to think they're already 27 and 29. Dapat gamitin din kasi ang pag iisip at ang puso. Where's the love yo!? :'D And earlier this day I found out that Mrs. finally left their home, leaving Mr. and little girl. She tried to save her family but then Mr. is very stubborn. What would you do when your husband openly tells anyone that he doesn't love you anymore? Or tell it to your face that he doesn't need and love you. Can you even take it? Hindi ko tagala alam kung paano pa sila ma aayos. A lot of hurtful words had been said. Basta I feel sad for their daughter. :,(