Yikes! I accidentally messed up with my layout. :| I don't know how to get everything back cos I wasn't able to back-up my template. Sigh, what a waste. I didn't really intended to make a change (not today), I was just checking something out. I don't want to blame little kiddo but I've got an inkling that he has something to do about this. Well I guess I now have a reason to do a blog makeover and an update. :) Been wanting to do so but didn't had the time. :'( Also, I got a little busy with my newest baby. :') A simple outlet for my random rants, will share the link later. Yes my new baby is a blog, not a real baby, silly. Guess I have to make that clear. 

I'll end this here. :)
Please bare with me for the next couple of days cos things might get ugly. LOL