As I have known, Cork is most widely known as a product used to preserve the quality of wine in bottles. Also, at home we use this as a board to post notes or reminders. But, one of cork's most unique uses may leave you feeling like you are walking on cloud nine: cork flooring. One of the many reasons why cork flooring appeals to flooring buyers is the wide variety of size, shape, color and pattern it has to offer. It gives you sound control because it absorbs foot falls and noise. You can squeeze it, and it will shrink under the pressure, but then it will bounce back to the original shape. This gives the flooring a cushioning effect under foot. The air cells within the cork also help to trap heat acting like an insulator for the floors. Also, it has a degree of fire-resistance. Cork is a durable option for flooring, but quality and maintenance can affect its lifespan. 

While cork flooring does have a few drawbacks, like costly compared to some varieties of carpeting, if you're looking for a type of green flooring with a extensive range of design possibilities and unique advantages, cork is certainly an option to consider.