Managing your credit card properly is a big responsibility. If used properly, credit cards can help you establish a good credit score. But if other wise, you will not only damage your credit score you may also get  into serious debt if you don’t know what you’re doing. To help you make a sound financial decisions, here are a few credit card tips I can share,

1.) Understand the terms of the card. Carefully understand the interest rate, the fees and the payment schedule.
2.) Limit the cards you have. One credit card should do it. Too many cards will make you a high credit risk.
3.) Set a budget and balance wants vs. needs. Remember not to charge more than you are able to pay. If you don't, your credit card balance will baloon with interest charges.
4.) Pay promtly, and always review your monthly statements.
5.) Refrain from cash advace and don't go over the limit.

 I hope these simple tips could help you manage your credit card. Remember, you’ll lead a much happier life if you take control of your spending, instead of letting your spending take control of you. To wrap it all: shop around, use credit cards lightly and pay on time!


kim said…
wish i had read this before i got deep in debt, lol!