election day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

whew! yesterday was been a long day.. today's the SSG (Student Supreme Government) Election. I volunteered to be an Election Inspector.. I was assigned as chairwoman! hehehe C francis man Gud baH.. @ first i was really having second thoughts in joining but Francis was able to convinced me. He actually bribed me! he told that he would also convinced Carlo (mu crUsh) to join as well and he would put us in the same precinct together! so that we could get a change to talk to each other and get acquainted even just for the day (i mean wholeday!*grin*). Wahahaha So, I agreed! lmao.. (Sorry Beb it's just for fUn) but then di na tuloy coz of some problems... so un di nlang! hehehehe but it was really fine, its not that i really needed to be with him. pang katuwaan lng naMan. :) 6pm ng start ang counting... until it was already 11 pm sobra. na una na ako umalis coz beb fetch me sa school.. :)

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