Getting phone calls from an unknown number or person can be very destructive. You can become anxious who it's from. Was it a sales call? Or just a wrong number. Phone number reporting can help you through this and make those calls stop or determine where and who it's coming from. can help. If you visit their site you can read comments from people that are having the same problems, you can post your concerns as well. The site also displays a list of most frequently reported phone numbers, you can also search through their entire directory.


Anonymous said…
"Getting phone calls from an unknown number or person can be very destructive." --->yeah you're right joy..makalagot jud..grrrrrrrrr... hahahaha nice post you have.
Thanks for the information. It may come in handy sometime. God bless you and your loved ones always.
Anonymous said…
hi JOy!
i got a couple of calls from numbers that are not registered in my phone book. so i just let it go to my voicemail. what's so funny is that they are collections agency looking for someone that i don't know.
i added my phone # in the Do Not Call Registry and will report this number on the link you provided.
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Anonymous said…
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- Thomas