Evrythin happens for a reaSon

Thursday, February 23, 2006

OMG! im so tired!... i dunno what to do.. iv been thinking and worrying about a lot of stuffs lately.. :( My grades in my polscie subject, my up-coming defense presentation this march2, my thesis and my family.. grr! its been so hard for me lately, im not really used of having many prOblems. iv been a worry free persOn. but now??? damn! im just thankful i have my friends whose bin so supportive and off course my bheb petpet. he's really taking good care of me, he's like a brother and a father to me! LOL and he's my bestfriend not to mention he is also my constant enemy! nyahahaha. but still i'm thankful he's there always backing me up.. but i know things will gonna be okay eventually, not now but sOon it will. evrythinG happens for a reason ayt?! i know i can make this so help me god. :) sometime i wish that i would just faint and when i wake up? whola! evrythinz fine! nyahahaha in my dreams! :) iv been crying for several nights because of this stressful thinz! *sigh* but well walang madali dito sa mundo db? and my life's not going to be just all smiles, rainbows. i have to feel pains and hardships like this to make me strong... heheheh :) yea,

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